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The best hospital on providing new medical services and health tourism in Kashan region



We provide hope and effective treatment experience for patients in a safe environment with different hoteling and human capital


Why Moheb hospital:

 Quality of services is very important for patients, but along with these services they need other things that will affect their final result of treatments. One of them is a sense of trust.

Now, Moheb is famous and popular among people because of its expert specialists, experienced nurses and good services provided for patients.   

 At Moheb Hospitals, we unite exceptional clinical success rates and superior technology with centuries-old traditions of Eastern care and warmth, as we truly believe the world is our extended family-something our patients from so many countries can warmly affirm.

True to its founding principles, the group has made quality healthcare accessible to the people all over the world. It has indeed became an institution of trust and a beacon of hope to so many people, searching for a cure for their ailments.

Maximum care and supply for international patients

Every year patients from abroad visit our specialists at Moheb hospital for diagnosis and therapy.


Why Iran?

In Iran, you can find best medical treatment quality at the world best prices.

World Class Quality

Iranian doctors, nurses, and technicians are among bests in the world. Many innovations in the medical and surgical field are done by Iranian. Some Iranian scientists text-book was used in medical universities since 1650

The quality of medical surgeries and infrastructures are in the world class level.

High success rates of surgeries are equal to the world standards. Scientific articles are showing each better.

تماس با بیمارستان

  • آدرس : کاشان. بلوار قطب راوندی- بلوار پرستار- بیمـارستــان فـوق تخصصــی آیت الله یثربـــی (ره) کاشــان
  • ایمیل : info@yasrebihospital.ir
  • فکس : 55621530-031
  • تلفن  : 55585000-031

تماس با اورژانس و دفتر پرستاری

  • اورژانس بیمارستان با 16 تخت و مجهز به اتاق تریاژ
  • ترومـا و اتـاق احیــاء و سیــستم مـانیتـورینــگ بیمـار
  • تلفن اورژانــــــس  : 55585000-031 داخلی 215
  • تلفن پزشک کشیک  : 55585000-031 داخلی 115
  • تلفن دفتر پرستاری  و متــرون : داخلی  220  و 221

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